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Máy siết chặt dây đai thép GripPack PB

The GripPack PB battery-powered tensioner for steel strap automatic operation and performance-enhancing features vastly improve packaging productivity.
GripPack PB Battery-powered Tensioner for Steel Strap

The GripPack PB Tensioner offers automatic operation and performance-enhancing features to improve packaging productivity. Used for a wide range of product packaging applications, it delivers maximum power and performance without the air generation costs and inconsistencies of pneumatically driven tools, improving productivity for the tensioning of steel strapping in heavy-duty hand tool applications.

Features and Benefits  

  1. Robust design
    Featuring an impact resistant outer nylon plastic body, the GripPack PB's internal components are protected in the event of accidental falls during usage.
  2. Maximizes productivity
    Complete with the latest “fast charge” lithium ion technology, the GripPack PB battery can perform up to 120+ tensioning cycles per charge and is fully recharged in just 30 minutes.
  3. Enhanced detection
    When used in automatic mode, a metal sensor detects the presence of strap before the tensioning cycle begins, minimizing the occurrence of undesired cycling. Additionally, a red LED emergency shut-off button is clearly illuminated for when the tool requires an immediate shut-down.
  4. Operational flexibility
    The GripPack PB can be operated in either automatic or manual mode. To simplify operation, a rotary switch adjusts the tension settings as well as allows for switching between manual and automatic modes.

Technical Specifications

Part Number 800441
Adjustable Tension 6600 N (Up to 1500 lbs)
Strap Type Apex® and Magnus® steel strap
Strap Width 19 mm to 32 mm (0.75" to 1.25")
Strap Gauge 0.50 mm – 1.12 mm (0.019" to 0.044")
Cycles per Charge 120+
Battery 18v 4Ah Li-ion
Recharge Time Full: 30 mins; 80%: 20 mins
Tool Weight 9 lbs (4.1 kg) including battery
Dimensions 381 mm x 152 mm x 152 mm
(15" x 6" x 6")