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Máy bấm kẹt cho dây đai RCBD-1431

GripPack RCBS/RCBD Battery-powered Sealer for Steel Strap

GripPack, the first battery-driven sealer, provides unparalleled operational flexibility for heavy duty steel strapping applications. Designed for push-type (round strapping) applications, its double notch design improves the speed of application and consistency of joints to provide optimal package performance. The GripPack sealer combines a lightweight design with portability, enabling it to be used anywhere eliminating usage restrictions.

Features and Benefits

  • Robust construction
    Featuring an impact resistant outer nylon plastic body, the GripPack RCBS/RCBD sealer’s internal components are protected in the event of accidental falls during usage.

  • Maximizes productivity
    Complete with the latest “fast charge” lithium ion technology, the GripPack RCBS/RCBD battery can perform up to 240+ sealing cycles per charge and is fully recharged in just 30 minutes.

  • Simplifies maintenance
    Designed to reduce service time and maintenance costs, the GripPack RCBS/RCBD sealer has fast, easy change jaws and reversible notch plates, extending part life to minimize maintenance downtime.