119867, 119867 SIGRIST, TurbiGuard, Thiết bị đo độ đục TurbiGuard, Đại lý SIGRIST tại Việt Nam

SIGRIST Vietnam Code: 119867
 Description: Color/absorption measuring device “ColorPlus 2”
 - Color measurement in beer via an absorption measurement
 at the wavelength of 430 nm
 - with a second wavelength of 700 nm for compensation from cloudiness
 - for standard connection to Varivent® housing
 - Scaling in e.g.: EBC, NTU, E/m,
 (on request: calibration with certificate in APHAHazen, ASTM, Saybolt, additional charge)
 - high measured value stability due to two-beam measurement method
 - with borosilicate windows and EPDM seals
 (on request: quartz / sapphire window; FPM / FFPM / NBR seals)
 - incl. 1 set = 2 pieces OPL bit for setting the desired path length
 incl. SICON control unit, #118342
 - to display measured values, curves, status and alerts
 - digital interfaces: SD memory card (for logging, SW update, diagnostics)
 - logical menu navigation
 - Outputs: 4 x 0/4..20 mA
 - Supply voltage 9 .. 30 V/DC / 8 W
SIGRIST Vietnam Code: 118442
 Description: Bus coupler Profibus DP to SICON(M)