199C0009, 199C0009 Zimmer, GSZ-50-S translating screw, Đại lý Zimmer tại Việt Nam

Đại lý Zimmer tại Việt Nam

Trapezoidal threaded spindle for screw jacks with rotating spindle,
GSZ-50-R-TR, reinforced, TR 55x 9 -V, made of steel,
Lead accuracy 0.2 mm / 300 mm
Total spindle length Lb = 2100 mm,
Installation dimension Y: 2107 mm (gearbox side F to spindle end)
End machining 1 (spindle side): Ø 40j6 / 45 mm
End machining 2 (gearbox side): Standard EB for R gearbox
Lubrication: without
incl. small material for mounting on the screw jack"

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