LT3 KS1D (SIL1), Lambda Transmitter LT3 KS1D (SIL1), Đại lý Lamtec tại Việt Nam

Đại lý Lamtec tại Việt Nam

Combined Oand CO/Hmeasuring

Measuring directly inside flue gas

Applicable up to 1200 °C

Independent of infiltrated air (COe)

Ex design

Measuring range : O2: 0-21 % (configurable)
COe: 1ppm in CO range 0...10.000 ppm (configurable)
Housing: Sheet steel
Protection type following  DIN 40050 IP66, without display
IP54, with embedded start-up assistant inside front door
Dimensions (HxBxT) mm 300 x 300 x 120
Color Grey, RAL 7035
Weight Appr. 6kg
Ambient temperature
-5 °C ... + 60 °C
Ambient temperature
transport and storage:
-20 °C ... + 70 °C
Power supply: 120 VAC / -30%...230 VAC / +10%, 50...60Hz
Power consumption: 30W (normal operation)
69W (heating)
Resolution O2:

0-21 % (configurable)

Resolution COe: 1 ppm in CO range 0...1000 ppm
Preciseness of measuring:
(with combination probe KS1D)
O2:   ±5% of measurement value 
(max ± 0,3 Vol. % O2)
COe:  ±25% of measurement value
(not better than +/- 20 ppm after prior calibration for application conditions with a CO-reference measuring)
Setting time (60 % time): O2:   T 60 < 10 s
COe: T 60 < 2 s
Time for readiness
with KS1D (cold start-up)
Appr. 10min after „POWER ON“
(Initial start-up appr. 60min)
Analogue output, via analogue output module: Analogue output  1 (O2 measurement value)
- Range of setting:   0…25 % O2
- Factory setting 0…10 Vol.% O2 -> 4…20 mA
Analogue output 2 (CO-measurement value)
-  Range of setting: 0…1000 ppm
- Factory setting 0…1000 ppm -> 4…20 mA
Digital outputs
via digital output module:
Control element: Integrated LT3 User Interface with LCD-graphic display 45x27 mm (BxH)
External start-up assistant with LCD-graphic display 60x32 mm (BxH) (Option)
Interface: LAMTEC System Bus (LSB)

SIL 1 Confirmation:

  • DIN EN 61508