EDS-G512E-4GSFP-T, EDS-G512E-4GSFP-T Moxa, Đại lý Moxa tại Việt Nam

Bitzer Vietnam CDU - Air Cooled (LH) - Ecoline LH265/4GE-20Y
 (With Pressure Transmitters for application limit monitoring)
Code: 00169391
 Description: 2/2-way-piston-operated valve
 Type 2012
 Control function A - closed by spring force
 Paths/positions 2 - 2 ways / 2 position
 Orifice size 80,0 - 80mm (3")
 Seal material EE - PTFE
 Body material VA - stainless steel
 Port connection SA49 - Weld end 88,9 x 2,3
 according to ISO 4200, DIN EN ISO 1127, DIN 11866 series B
 Actuator version C - PA-actuator, VA-threaded bushing at connection of pilot air
 Actuator size H - Dm 125mm
 Interface N8 - nipple thread M100 x 2 (standard DN 80)
 connection of pilot air 0000 - standard pilot air connection resp. integral construction
 Special Feature:
 MC13 - flow above seat
 MC16 - O-ring between cover and actuator housing
 NK51 - packed seal enclosed
 Pressure min 0 bar
 Pressure max 10 bar
 Pilot pres. min 2 bar
 Pilot pres. max 7 bar
 KV 110 m3/h
 T medium min -10 °C
 T medium max 180 °C
 T ambient min -10 °C
 T ambient max 60 °C
E+E Vietnam Code: EE23-T4HS3K5D1/GA6SBL-20SBH120DT2
 Humidity/Temperature Sensor
E+H Vietnam Code: 8F3B50 - AAIBAEAFAASAD2SAA1
 Description: Coriolis flowmeter
Hach Vietnam Type: DPD1P1
 Description: Digital pH sensor
MOXA Vietnam Model: EDS-G512E-4GSFP-T
 Managed full Gigabit Ethernet switch with 8 10/100/1000BaseT(X) ports, and 4 100/1000Base SFP slots, -40°C to 75°C operating temperature
Radiall USA VIETNAM R284C0351033
 Flexible Cable 5/50D (RG142)
 Q'ty: 50 pcs/box
Radiall USA VIETNAM R161771000
 Adapter Coaxial Connector N Plug, Male Pin To N Jack, Female Socket 50Ohm
 Non-cancellable, Non-returnable
 Q'ty: 50 pcs/box
TR Electronic Vietnam Code: IEV62-00002
 IE 62A*4096 cable transmitter
 Drawing no. 04-IEV62-M0001
 IE 62A*4096 cable transmitter
 Pulse number 4096
 Incremental interface
 Number of channels (K1/K2) + negation
 Zero pulse K0 + neg.
 Supply voltage 11-27V
 Protection class IP65
 Limit temperature 0-80°C
 Flange type ZB50
 Shaft version 10FL/13.4