Delta Ohm Vietnam, LPPYRA10, LPPYRA10 Delta Ohm, Nhiệt kế bức xạ mặt trời LPPYRA10, Đại lý Delta Ohm tại Việt Nam

The pyranometers LPPYRA10 measure the irradiance on a flat surface (Watt/m²). Range 0-2000W/m² or 0-4000W/m². The radiation measured is the sum of direct solar irradiance and diffuse irradiance (global radiation).

The LPPYRA10 are pyranometers classified as Spectrally Flat Class A (Secondary Standard) in accordance with ISO 9060:2018 and according to the WMO

The pyranometers are available in five versions:

  • LPPYRA10AC – ACTIVE with CURRENT 4..20 mA output. Measuring range: 0…2000 W/m² or 0…4000 W/m² (LPPYRA10AC4).
  • LPPYRA10ACS – double 4…20mA current output and RS485 serial output with MODBUS-RTU protocol. Measuring range: 0…2000 W/m² or 0…4000 W/m² (LPPYRA10ACS4).
  • LPYRA10AV – ACTIVE with VOLTAGE 0..1 V, 0..5 V or 0..10 V output. Measuring range: 0…2000 W/m² or 0…4000 W/m² (LPPYRA10AV4).
  • LPPYRA10S – with MODBUS RS485 output
  • LPPYRA10S12 – with SDI-12 output

The pyranometer is supplied with shade disk, cartridge with silica-gel crystals, 2 spare sachets, levelling device. It is also factory calibrated and supplied with a calibration report.

The calibration is carried out in accordance with the ISO 9847:1992 (type IIc) standard: ”Calibration of field pyranometers by comparison to a reference pyranometer”. The pyranometer is calibrated by comparison with the reference sample calibrated annually at WRC (World Radiation Center).