STR-100,  Canneed-STR-100, STR-100 Canneed, Máy lột mí lon Canneed-STR-100, Đại lý Canneed tại Việt Nam

Canneed Vietnam Code: Seam Sight-B
 Full Automatic Seam Monitor
 * To test beverage cans
 * Configuration:
 1) Seam Sight B Full Automatic Seam
 Monitor (with B type platform)
 2) Seam Sight 4.0 professional seam
 measuring software software
 3) 3. VSM-CAL2 Calibration piece 2mm
Canneed Vietnam Code: Canneed-STR-100
 Seam Stripper
 Main unit of STR-100
 * Includes:
 1. cutting head---1 pc
 2.Centering tool
 STR-C202B---1 pc
 STR-C202B-CDL---1 pc
Alia Vietnam Model: AMF900-P0080-S4E80-010-T2
 Electromagnetic Flowmeter
 Liner: PTFE
 Size: 80mm
 Electrode Material: S.S.316L
 Process connection: DN80 PN40
 Grounding: Grouning Electrodes (3 Electrodes)
 Protection class: Junction box IP67, IP68
 Flange and Housing: Carbon Steel (standard)
 Installation: Remote version, with 10M cables
 Option: T2-141-180 Deg.c
 Note :
 When you order, please must inform as below
 - Fluid Name:
 - Op. temperature:
 - Max. temperature:
 - The conductivity must over 5uS/cm.
Victron Energy Vietnam Code: V0010730
 Description: MultiPlus 1i 48/5000/70-50
 Technical specifications:
 Rated voltage: 48V
 Output voltage: 230V
 Number of outputs AC: 2
 Rated power: 5000VA
 Continuous power (25°C): 4000W
 Peak power: 9000W
 Max. charging current: 70A
 Mains current throughput: 50A
 Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 565x320x149
Model: CC-PAIX02
Model : CC-PAIM01
 Low Lvl Analog Mux
Model: CC-PAON01
Model: CC-TAON01
Model: MC-TAMR04
Model: CC-PDIL01
Model: CC-PDOB01
Model: ZR125KCE-TFD-522
 Scroll Compressor