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Đại lý Astaara tại Việt Nam

The range of products manufactured by Astaara is today the one and only way to AUTOMATICALLY perform sample leak detection & O2 analysis on flexible packaging without any human intervention. Thanks to a patented perforating device, slow manual testing using expensive consumables, is now a thing of the past. Food, Pet Care & Cosmetic Manufacturers are now able to automatically manage leak detection and analyse immediate digital tests results.

Discover the AlphaPro (leak detector) and the GammaPro (O2 analyser & leak detector) which will automatically test your production by sampling.

In addition, Astaara also offers a range of instruments for laboratories: the AlphaLab (bench-top leak detector), and the GammaLab (bench-top O2 analyser & leak detector), also operating without expensive consumables, and delivering immediate digital tests results.