SI9100, 390-06801-00, 390-06801-00 SENCON, SI9100 SENCON, Đại lý SENCON tại Việt Nam

PN : 5610102070
 Pressure regulator
Hengesbach Vietnam A-CONDUTEC_K_PZM_0000_ conductivity Sensor
 Compact design (transmitter and conductivity measuring cell are permanently connected).
 Process connection: Modular system PZM with pressure screw, material Wkst. 1.4404
 /* Incl. O-ring seal 28x2.5, material EPDM (FDA compliant) */.
Labthink Vietnam Code: MFY-01
 Leak Tester
AC&T Vietnam Code: ETOS-150XP-E04
 Industrial Network Server
 2Ports 10/100/1000Base-T(X), Ethernet 64Ch.,
 4Ports RS-422/485(TB Type)
 Input Power: AC100~240V (50/60Hz)
Hoyer motors Vietnam Model: HMC3 200L-4
 Hoyer motor
 30KW, 400/690 V, 50 Hz, 1500 RPM, 4 Poles, B3 (Foot-Mount), IE3
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 3500/61-01-CN Temperature Sensing
 Temperature Monitors
Amarillo Gear Vietnam Reducer Model: FD 1311 Reducer
 Amarillo Spiral Bevel Gear Speed Reducer
 Reduction Ratio: 11.00 :1
 Accessories: NIL
 Serial: 325510
Amarillo Gear Vietnam Reducer Model: FD 1311 Reducer
 Amarillo Spiral Bevel Gear Speed Reducer
 Reduction Ratio: 10.00 :1
 Accessories: NIL
 Series: 309433, 317120
Amarillo Gear Vietnam Reducer Model: FD 1712 Reducer
 Amarillo Spiral Bevel Gear Speed Reducer
 Reduction Ratio: 11.00 :1
 Accessories: NIL
 Serial: 315764; 315765
Amarillo Gear Vietnam Reducer Model: FD1712 Reducer
 Amarillo Spiral Bevel Gear Speed Reducer
 Reduction Ratio: 11.00 :1
 Accessories: Mechanical Oil Pump
 Serial: 331371; 328540
FPZ Vietnam Model: SK06MS50+0201 Blower for Cooling System
 Side channel blower + Motor 2.2-2.6 kW
 SCL K06-MS MOR IE3 M.E. 2.2 - 2.6 kW - 2
 POLI 345-415/200-240V 50Hz - 380-
 480/220-280V 60Hz WR cURus IE3 CL. F
SENCON Vietnam P/N: 390-06801-00
MOOG Vietnam G761-3033B
RÖSSEL-Messtechnik Vietnam Art No.: 2-3330-00234-11
 Thermocouple 1 x Pt10%Rh-Pt (type S)
 RM-type TE-AMK-22x2-KANTAF/K710/K710-1S-0,5-700, cl.1
 Connection head : type A / M20x1,5
 Outer protecting tube : Ø 22 x 2 mm
 : material Kanthal AF
 Inner tube : Ø 15 x 2,5 mm
 : KER 710 (C799)
 Insulation rod : Ø 8,5 x 1,5 mm
 : KER 710 (C799)
 Nominal length : 700 mm
 Accuracy : DIN EN 60584-2 cl. 1
 Installed with : 1 x thermocouple type S
 Wire - Ø : 0,5 mm
 No Dual use : Y901
 ECCN-code : not in scope
 AL-code : not in scope
Rotork Vietnam Model: ROMpak4 F10 400/3/50
 Actuator without torque switch
 Wiring diagram: R200-100
Rotork Vietnam Model: ROMpak4 F10 400/3/50
 Actuator with torque switch
 Wiring diagram: R000-100
E+H Vietnam Code: CLS50-A1A1
 Description: Conductivity sensors
 0444699 is replaced by 560547
Norgren Vietnam 2413404150002400
Norgren Vietnam 2413521150002400
 3/2-WV-No G1/2 24Vdc
Kromschröder Vietnam Code: 84621630
 IFD 258-5/1W
 Automatic burner control unit
 replaces Mat.No. 84620630, compatible Ignites and monitors gas burners, for continuous operation with ionization control, adjustable cut-off point, display for indicating
 program status and flame signal intensity,
 IP 54, EC type-tested and
 certified, FM and CSA approved Series 200
 Ionization or UV control
 Immediate fault lock-out or restart in the event of flame failure, switchable
 Safety time on start-up: 5 s
 Safety time during operation: 1 s
 Mains voltage: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Vaisala Vietnam DMPX 7D2A0A0A0D0
 Dew Point Probe
 Probe head: DMP7 for tight spaces and Swagelok installation
 Cable length: Probe 7, 2m
 Sensor type: DrycapM
 Filter type: Sintered stainless steel filter
 Operating pressure: 1 bar (absolute)
 Baud rate 19200
 Parity, data bit, stop bit: Communication settings (8, N, 2)
 Modbus address (240)
 Reserved: None
 Probe mounting accessory: Swagelok NPT 1/2" for DMP7
 No connection cable
erhardt-leimer Vietnam Material no.: 00227666
 Pneumatic positioning cylinder
 0027666 - SK 1103T
Inhamotor Vietnam Model: IHB-900 Blower for Chiller System
 Ring Blower
Higen Vietnam Model: Q100HQ3B2KW
 Three phase induction motor
 75kW, 100HP, 2 Pole
Double Flanged Butterfly Valve PN25
 SIZE: DN250
 Body material: GSC25
 Disc material: GSC25
 Seat: EPDM
 Connection: RF Flanged
 Operation: by Electric Actautor
 Counter flanges, connection bolts, nuts and gaskets are not included
 Đặt Hàng: check kỹ bảng vễ kỷ thuật trước khi dathang
Higen Vietnam Model:  KMP-20HU1
 Three phase induction motor
 15kW, 20 HP, 4P
PCB Piezotronics Vietnam Code: 633A01 SENSOR
 Piezoelectric USB Digital Accelerometer
 Digital, industrial, ceramic accelerometer, 0.9 to 15k Hz, top exit, integral cable terminating in USB connector
New Model: 4WRPEH6C4B40L-3X/M/24A1
 New PN: R901382319
 Directional control valve
 Note : recheck CODE khi order
Model : FAW-8PTSU-F-2T7-7
 WIS Water Cooler (220V/2000W)