CS-Instrument Vietnam, VA520, Flowmeter VA520, đại lý CS-Instrument Vietnam


100% Germany Origin

CS-Instrument Vietnam

Part No.: 06952527
Type: VA520
Flowmeter with  intergraded DN65 measuring section with flange
with analogue output 4…20mA and pulse output (galvanicially separated) ; with RS 485 interface (Modbus-RTU)
Measuring range: Max-version (185m/s)
outer thread of meas.section: flange
Option display: with intergraded display
Gas type: compressed air; Inner pipe diameter: 68.9mm
Ref. condition 20oC, 100hPa; Meas.range: 0...2050Nm3/h
Max. pressure: 16bar (standard)
Accuracy class: +-1.5% of measured value +-0.3% of f.s
Material type:  1.4404/1.4571 SS