PV 6411, PV 6411 RTK, Van điều khiển khí nén PV 6411, Đại lý RTK tại Việt Nam

Đại lý RTK tại Việt Nam

All-purpose cage guided globe control valve

  • High Flow Capacities provide larger flow area, reduced body velocity and pressure loss.
  • Yoke Lock Nut guarantees easy disassembly
  • Hardened/Stainless Steel Trim provides twice the service life of 316 stainless trim
  • Cup Seal with three times the wear surface of competitive valves for long lasting leak tight seal
  • Multiple Cage Options for maximum versatility
  • Balanced Plug Design provides smooth high pressure control
  • Ultra Compact Actuators install in tight spaces
  • Tighter Shutoff design provides exceptional performance up to Class VI
  • Compact actuators can easily be installed in tight spaces

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