F200K1 UV-2, F200K1 UV-2 Lamtec, Đại lý Lamtec tại Việt Nam

Đại lý Lamtec tại Việt Nam

Compact case with integrated flame sensor and switching amplifier

Intensity adjust in multiple steps

Digital circuit design for flame evaluation

Status indication by LEDs 24 VDC operating voltage

Two electronic channel system for fail safe operation and supervision

LED bar flame intensity indication and 4 (0) ... 20 mA analog output

LED bar trend indication selectable for an optimum adjustment to the flame direction

Available with Class I, Division 2, Group A, B, C, D, Hazardous Locations

Type Spectrum / nm Preferred application / fuels
F200K1 UV-2
F200K2 UV-2
210 ... 380 Oil, gas (special gases of refinary- or blast furnaces)
F200K1 UV-3
F200K2 UV-3
F200K1 IR-2
F200K2 IR-2
850 ... 1200 Oil, gas, coal, firing with high flue gas recirculation,
waste gases with yellow colour without UV-radiation
respectively with absorbtion of the UV-radiation by
vapor or dust etc.
F200K2 IR-1
F200K2 IR-1
1200 ... 2800 Coal dust