EYCON-20/NONE/NONE/ELIN/NONE/BATT/SLV/OEM/ENG/XXXXX Eycon 10/20  EYCON-20, Đại lý Eurotherm tại Việt Nam

Đại lý Eurotherm tại Việt Nam

Eurotherm Vietnam Replaced Code: EYCON-20/NONE/NONE/ELIN/NONE/BATT/SLV/OEM/ENG/XXXXX Eycon 10/20
 BATTERY (BATT) Battery fitted
 BEZEL COLOUR/TYPE (SLV) Silver ( Standard)
Ziehl-Abegg Vietnam P/N: 154279/10K1
 Type: FN063-SDL.4I.A7P1
 Axial fan with sickle blades
 with round wall ring plate.
Baumuller Reparaturwerk Vietnam motor as serial number 10900042
 Item no: 530415E, capacity: 107kW
 Motor GNA 180 MN
 Producer no.: 00399604
Burkert Vietnam 223757
 Ball valve with electrical actuator
Onicon Vietnam Code: F-1100-11-D4-1221
 1.25 - 72"
 Flow Meters
 Single turbine insertion flow meter with freq, iso analog and scaled pulse output, plated brass stem, NEMA 4 enclosure and 10' PVC cable.
 Single turbine flow meter suitable for use in CHW and HHW applications. Complete codification is based on pipe size range, pipe material and fluid temperature.
 ST1B65 Gas governor DN 65 With white spring 200- 450 mbar
AC&T Vietnam Replace Code: ETOS-300-DX-0FR
 Industrial Network Server
 2Port 10/100Base-T(X), Ethernet 48Ch., 16Ports RS-422/485
 Input Power (Dual) : AC100~240V (50/60Hz)
EKO Instruments/Rainwise/ Nielsen Kellerman Co. Vietnam Model: MS-60S w/ 10m
SIGRIST Vietnam Code: 121121
 Description: Profinet IO interface printed circuit board to
 OilGuard 2 (Ex)
TOX PRESSOTECHNIK Vietnam Code: 213698
 Description: Powerhouse S
 Pressing force 134 kN at 6 bar air pressure
 Total stroke 50 mm, of which power stroke 6 mm max.
 Power pack with hydraulic end position damping in the return stroke type ZHD and integrated central power bypass.
Apiste Vietnam Model: ENC-GR1500L-Pro
 Control panel cooling unit
 (Non Freon/Energy Saving Model)
Model : PFXGP4501TADW
 Màn hình
 Made in China
 Note : recheck STOCK khi order
Magtrol Vietnam Model: 204216
 Fixture only AMF-2 for motor max. Ø 150mm
 used with dynamometer series HD-700
Magtrol Vietnam Model: 850-016-000-131
 Item: DYNO TABLE TAB-43/65/115
 Mobile table
 Base plate 980 x 430 x 50 mm (L x W x H)
 With 3 T-nut grooves, size 12H8, gap 125 mm
 Aluminium frame with wheels
 Incl. fixing plate for DES and TSC
 Dimension 1041 x 503 x 812 mm (L x W x H)
 According to drawing 850-016-000V031
Magtrol Vietnam SPECIALITEM
 Table for 1WB65 with lifting side
 With lifting system for the motor under test
 Mobile on wheels
 Dimension: 1067 x 495 x 1016 (L x W x H)
 Lifting travel 112 mm
 As per drawing 850-066-00V011, but with 3 T-Grooves at 125 mm
PN: R431002840
 Model : HC-2-FX-P50976-2
 Mechanical Air Control Valve
Arkon Vietnam Model: MAGX2 - T5CMN - D150HR16HA
 Electromagnectic Flowmeter
 * Flowmeter type Electromagnetic
 00A. Main electronic board Included
 01. control-buttons 6 touch buttons
 02. Display Graphic LCD 128x64
 03. Accuracy 0,2% (0.5 to 10 m/s) of RV, 1% (0.1 to 0.5 )
 04. Allowed ambient temperature -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
 05. Auto-diagnostics Yes
 06. MODBUS RTU Requires RS232 or RS485 or USB...
 07. MODBUS RTU ...or Bluetooth or GPRS or TCP/IP
 08. Menu languages English & Spanish
 09. Temperature measurement Indicative (10% error)
 10. Real time clock Included
 11. Sensor communication module Included
 12. Power supply cable Not included
 13. Flowmeter calibration Included
 15. Outer sensor casing material Carbon Steel as standard
 16. External coating Epoxy finish, RAL 5010
 17. Max. medium temperature 70°C HR, SR; 130°C PTFE remote
 18. Flange material Carbon Steel as standard
 19. Flow-tube material Stainless Steel 1.4301
 20. Empty-pipe alarm Yes
 21. Earthing through 3rd ElectrodeYes
 22. Connection Type DIN (D)
 23. Nominal Size 0150
 24. Liner Material Hard Rubber (HR) - max temp. 70°C
 25. Nominal Pressure PN16 (16)
 26. Electrode Material Hastelloy (HA)
 27. Transmitter Power Supply PS5 - 12-35 VDC; 90-250 VAC
 28. Version Compact (N)
Advantech Vietnam Replace code: TPC-1751T-E3BE
 Base: 17'' SXGA Touch Panel PC, Atom E3845 1.91 GHz, 4G
 Adapter: 100-240V 60W 24V 2.5A Power Supply
 Note: TPC-1780H-P3AE no longer available
 Gear pump only with free shaft end FKM
 gear pump : SF 3/32 RD
 STEIMEL part-no. : BZP053032RD--165R
 dimensional drawing : DMB053D-02R
 list of spare parts : DET053032RD--165R
 suction and pressure
 connections : SAE 1 ½
 casing parts : EN-GJL-250 (GG-25)
 pinion shafts,
 noise-optimized : 16MnCrS5
 straight toothed
 tooth flanks grinded
 shaft sealing : radial shaft sealing ring
 elastomers : FKM
 bearing : multilayer MD
 flow medium : lube oil
 viscosity : 50-5000 cSt.
 temperature : 10-60°C
 flow rate : approx. 49 / 59,2 ltr/min
 pressure : 5 bar
 speed : 1450 / 1750 min
 pressure relief valve
 range of adjustment : 2-18 bar
 opening pressure : 12 bar
 sense of rotation : clockwise
 test run : yes, with HLPD 46
 finish : primer HDO058 - green
 type plate : ETY924-D-E--PE01
Model: 6SE7032-7EB87-2DA1
 Note : recheck STOCK khi order
Model : ZKB-20BN
 Bộ ly hợp
 Note : recheck STOCK khi order
Beckhoff Vietnam Code:  CP2915-0000
 Description: Multi-touch built-in Control Panel CP29xx-0000
 with DVI/USB Extended interface, 15-inch display 1024 x 768, Display only, multi-finger touch screen
Holmatro Vietnam Code: PA 38 H 2
 Description: Hand Pump
 Delivery volume 1st stage: 42.8 cm³ / piston stroke
 Delivery volume 2nd stage: 3.1 cm³ / piston stroke
 Max. operating pressure 1st stage: 45 bar
 Tank capacity effective: 3800 cm³
Schischek (Rotork) Vietnam Code: ExCos-D-VA
 Without accessories
 Desciption: Ex Transmitter
ATG Liming
Model : PGX220-H-30
 Ratio : 1/30
Pulsar Measurement Vietnam Code: 160A0014S
 SPEEDY Wedge Velocity Sensor 10m
 Speedy velocity sensor with 10m cable - contacting type doppler liquid velocity sensor
Hioki Vietnam Model: 3561
 Battery Tester
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 990-08-XX-01-00 Mod 165353-01
 Vibration Transmitter
Eu Whan Engineering Vietnam Model: 25 BFME
 Cascade pumps with motor
 (3Ø; 2.2kW; 380V; 50Hz)
 Impeller: : STS430
 Casing: FC (Cast iron)
 Mechanical seal SIC/ Carbon
Metrix Vietnam 440-DR-2144-0100
 Electronic Switch - double relay, analog output, CSA, Class 1, Div 2, Grps B-D (Except mech relays pushbutton reset, or BNC Jack), NEMA 4X, epoxy coated
SIBRE Vietnam Model: SHI 202 150120101
 Basic: 2 independent halves
 MBr =..... Nm on disc dia 2070 x 30mm , C=.... Mm
 Lining material: sinter
 excluding disc ,braket, piping
PFPN 10-1500
 Portable pump WITHOUT automatic pressure governor TOURMAT
 • 1x Strainer BSRT 4”
 • 1x Wire mesh basket 4”
 • 2x Suction hose 4” x 2.5m BSRT
 • 2x Delivery hose
 • 1x Pistol nozzle
 • 1x Suction key 3” – 5” BSS
Onicon Vietnam Code: FT-3210-11511-1021-101
 Flow Meters
Onicon Vietnam Code: FT-3212-11511-1021-101
 Flow Meters
Onicon Vietnam Code: FT-3216-11511-1021-101
 Flow Meters
Onicon Vietnam Code: FT-3204-11511-1021-101
 Flow Meters
E+H Vietnam Code:  8A5C01-34H7/0
 Coriolis flowmeter
E+H Vietnam Code:  10H50-1020/125 Flow Sensor
 Description: 10H50-2F0A1AA0A4AA
 Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System
E+H Vietnam Code:  8F5B1F-AC89/0 sensor
 Cable, sensor connection: 5.00m
Rexroth/ Aventics Vietnam R413002840
Advantech Vietnam Code: FPM-5171G
 Industrial Monitors
 17'' SXGA Ind.LED Monitor w/Resistive TS (Combo)
 100-240V 60W 24V 2.5A Power Supply
Model : ESPB-050 Speed sensor
 Speed Switch
SIGRIST Vietnam Sigrist In-Line Interface Monitor „PhaseGuard”
 for Turbidity or Colour
 Recognition of the phase change by turbidity or colour:
 „PhaseGuard HT” Recognition of the phase change by
 turbidity (>= DN65), Pathlength 5 mm), # 118678 Turbidity Sensor
 • Sealless design, Extremely low maintenance
 • Measuring principle: Absorption
 • Nominal range: 0 .. 100 % Absorption
 • Outputs: 1 x 4 .. 20 mA, 2 x Open-Collector Transistor
 • Material sensor head: Stainless steel 1.4404
 • Windows material: Sapphire
 • Cleaning: CIP/SIP compatible up to 120 °C @ 2h
 • Installation: In-line housing Varivent® or compatible
 • Supply voltage: 9 .. 30 VDC / 2 W
 • Easy configuration and system integration, USB Interface and parameter file
Auma Vietnam Under Com No: 13304832
 SA 14.2
 Multi-turn actuator AUMA-NORM
 Valve connection F14 F14 according to EN ISO 5210
 Output drive A-UN A, unbored
 Output speed 22 22 1/min
 Operating mode 1 S2 - 15 min
 Temperature version N-40-70 -40°C - +70°C
 Position transmitter 21.2 RWG 2-wire system
 Mech. position indicator 11 with symbols OPEN/CLOSED
Auma Vietnam Under Com No: 13304832
 -> as replacement for com. 13304832
 Size for SA(R)14.2-16.2
 Temperature version N-40-70 -40°C - +70°C
 Wiring diagram 00R1BB-1C1-000 TPA
 Mains voltage 380/50/3 380 V 50 Hz 3-ph AC
 Mains voltage 3X380V/50-60HZ
 Power supply 49.2000P transformer, customer output:24V DC
 Control elements 52.19 Pushbutton OPEN-H.-CLOSE Lights
 A-red, Fault-yellow, Z-green
 Protection IP68-DS EN60529, n.mounting to SA/SAR/SG
 Plug double sealed
 Electrical connection SB-227 NPT3/4; NPT1(2x); NPT1 1/4