LJPA1300EA20A00, LJPA1300EA20A00 Ravioli, Đại lý Ravioli tại Việt Nam

Bihl+wiedemann Vietnam Model: BWU2535
 ASi-3 PROFIBUS Gateway with integrated Safety Monitor, 2 ASi masters
 ASi-3 PROFIBUS Gateway with integrated Safety Monitor, 2 ASi masters, 4 digital inputs, expandable to max. 62 x 2 channels safe inputs, 4 release circuits (2 x relay outputs and 2 x electronic safe outputs), expandable to max. 16 safe outputs, diagnostic and configuration via RS232 diagnostic interface, duplicate address
 recognition, ASi fault detector, programming in C optional, IP20
Bihl+wiedemann Vietnam Model: BWU2234
 ASi-3 PROFIBUS Gateway in Stainless Steel, 2 masters
 ASi-3 PROFIBUS Gateway in Stainless Steel, 2 ASi masters, 1 power supply for 2
 ASi networks, duplicate address recognition, ASi fault detector
Cemb Vietnam Nr: TD-2/A1/B2/C1
 Monitoring and protection equipment for rotating machines
 Vibration + Phase (with Key phasor)
 Sensor Type: IEPE Accelerometer or Velomitor
 Output type: 4÷20 mA
 TDSP SETUP Software to configure the device included
 T1-EA/1/1/0/0/0/0/0/0 is obsolete
Dalian DYH
Model : LZZBJ9-10C6
 Current Transformer
 Note : báo giá theo nameplate
Delta Ohm Vietnam HD2010UC/A.Kit2
 HD2010UC/A Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter and Analyzer
 Including Accessories and carrying case
Durag Vietnam D-R 290 M EC2-10SAE
 PN: 4007633
 Measuring head to monitor the opacity / dust concentration
 - Meas. ranges: 0-0.1 ... 2.0 ext / 0-20%...100% opacity
 - compliant with EN 15267 according to type approval
 - designfor European market,
 - 24 VDC, 1x 4-20mA, 2x contact NC/NO, 1xRS485,
 - purge flange: pc d=100 mm, purge air inlet: d=40 mm,
 incl. rubber seal 120x3x20mm, purge flange with swirler,
 - for installation in N-Ex area,
 - incl. 1x M23 connector, 1x USB, 2xconnector for fail safe shutter
 - hxwxd approx.400x200x400 mm
 - material: Al paint
 - Ta:-40...+60 °C,
 - suitable for measuring path length 1-8 m
Gefran Vietnam ADV-2110-KBX-4+SI Inverter
IAI Vietnam Model: RCP5W-RA6C-WA-42P-3-100-P3-X10-A1-B-NM
 Thiết bị dẫn động
KINETROL Vietnam 145-100
KoBold Vietnam Model: DWU-36.W2H.XLT.0.Y
 Range : 60-240 m3/h
KoBold Vietnam Model: DWU-36.W1Z.XLT.0.Y
 Range : 20-80 m3/h
MOXA Vietnam Model: OnCell 3120-LTE-1-EU
 Industrial LTE Cat 1 cellular gateway, B1/B3/B8/B20/B28, 0 to 55°C
MOXA Vietnam Model: PT-7528-24TX-HV-HV
 IEC 61850-3 managed rackmount Ethernet switch system with up to 28 ports (including 1 slot for a fast Ethernet or Gigabit module), 2 isolated power supplies (88-300 VDC or 85-264 VAC), -40 to 85°C operating temperature
Ravioli Vietnam LJPA1300EA20A00
 radio remote control JUMP series
 Set consisting of:
 Receiver unit
 - Version in standard housing (IP65)
 - Voltage module 48V AC
 - radio receiver
 - 20 relays
 Transmitting unit
 - 13 function keys (2-stage)
 - Lateral emergency stop, start / alarm
 - Carrying strap
Ravioli Vietnam LJPA1300QC20A10
 radio remote control JUMP series
 Set consisting of:
 Receiver unit
 - Version for top hat rail mounting (IP20)
 - voltage module 10-36V DC
 - radio receiver
 - 20 relays
 - External antenna with 5 m cable length
 Transmitting unit
 - 13 function keys (2-stage)
 - Lateral emergency stop, start / alarm
 - Carrying strap
SICK Vietnam Code: 2049526
 Description: Printed circuit board
SICK Vietnam Code:  2086036
 Description: Display module
Vaisala Vietnam Code: HMT310 7C5A1NNA14BPFA1A1
 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
 Probe code: HMT317
 Code Td+Tdf+x With warmed RH probe
 Wall Plate with Flange
 Power Supply: Standard (24 VDC)
 Analog Output (CH1+CH2) Output 4...20mA
 Channel 1 Td (-40...+100C)
 Channel 2 Td (-40...+100C)
 No T-Range
 Metric Units
 Connection Cable 5m 8 pin M12 Female, Black
 User´s Guide HMT310 English
 HMP307 Probe 2m
 composite sensor with chemical purge default HUMICAP180RC for warmed HMT317
 PPS Grid with Steel Netting
 No Temperature Probe
 No Installation Kit
 Calibration Certificate No Cal. Cert.
Vaisala Vietnam Code: HMT330 3E0A001BCAK100B0AACBAA1
 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
 Probe 2m; No Temperature Probe
 Calculations: Code RH+T; No Display
 Standard (10...35V,24VAC)
 Analog Output 4...20mA
 Channel 1 RH (0...100%RH)
 Channel 2 T (Range See Below)
 Channel 3: No Analog Outputs
 Temperature Range 0...+60C
 Metric Units
 Cable bushings: Cond Uit Fitting NPT 1/2"
 No Installation Kit
 General purpose HUMICAP180R
 PPS Grid with Steel Netting
 Duct Installation Kit For HMT333 and HMT337
 User´s Guide HMT330 English
 No PC Accessories
 No Calibration Contract ISO9001 Calibration
 No Maintenance Contract
Vem Vietnam Code: K21R 132 S4T
 5,5kW, 1425rpm, 380V, D, 50 Hz, IM B3 -
 IP55, Th. cl. 155(F), Duty type S1, Nameplate de/en, Colour system 01 Moderate (KK C2), RAL 7031 blue-grey
 IEC / EN 60034-1 Limit values to vibration velocity Class A
 Easy bearing arrangement
 Balancing with half key
 Standard documentation
Victron Energy Vietnam 12,8V/100Ah – Smart
 Victron lithium battery
 Technical data:
 Rated voltage/capacity at 25°C: 12.8V/100Ah
 Rated energy at 25°C: 1280Wh
 Number of cycles at 80% DOD: approx. 2500
 max. discharge current/sens. Discharge current: 200/100
 max. charge current/empf. charge current: 200/50
 battery connection: M8
 protection class: IP22
Ziehl Vietnam Model: TR400
 Ziehl Temperature Controller