R2381-S03082, R2381-S03082 Rexa, Đại lý Rexa tại Việt Nam

Rexa Vietnam Code: R2381-S03082
 Oil gun for hydraulic actuator
Balluff Vietnam BTL1J3W
 Magnetostrictive Sensors
Code: 6ES7414-2XK05-0AB0
Clake Fololo
Model : LTF11-500/540-22-FW/2
 Power: DC24V, Range:0-500mm
 Out:4-20mA, ACC:0.2
 Bộ báo mức dầu Tuabin
 Note : báo giá theo nameplate
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330877-080-36-00
 Extension Cable
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 330876-02-10-01-00
 Proximity Probe
Julabo Vietnam Order number 9012506
 Heating circulator
Julabo Vietnam Order number 9550514
 PURA 14
 Water Bath
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 9200-01-01-10-00
 Two-Wire Velocity Seismoprobe Transducer
Model: ACS355-03E-31A0-4
 3 pha-380v-15kw
 Biến tần
Onicon Vietnam Code: FT-3220-13111-2121
 Flow Meters
Onicon Vietnam Code: FT-3220-13111-2121-101
 Flow Meters
Julabo Vietnam SW23
 Shaking Water Bath
Model: 646GZEM3-7011
 Pressure Sensor
Heidenhain Vietnam Code: 1037960-02
 Description: EIB 742
 Evaluation Electronics
 1037960-01 is replaced by 1037960-02
Onicon Vietnam Model: F-1100-10-XX-122X
 Flow Meter
 1.25 - 72"
 Single turbine insertion flow meter with freq, analog and scaled pulse output, plated brass stem, NEMA 4 enclosure and 10' PVC cable.
 Single turbine flow meter suitable for use in CHW and HHW applications. Complete codification is based on pipe size range, pipe material and fluid temperature.
TR Electronic Vietnam IEV62-00002
 Incremental rotary encoder / Drehgeber
 IE 62A*4096 cable transmitter
 Drawing no. 04-IEV62-M0001
 IE 62A*4096 cable transmitter
 Pulse number 4096
 Incremental interface
 Number of channels (K1/K2) + negation
 Zero pulse K0 + neg.
 Supply voltage 11-27V
 Protection class IP65
 Limit temperature 0-80°C
 Flange type ZB50
 Shaft version 10FL/13.4
PN: R151057259
 Ball screw
PN: R151057260
 Ball screw
Leuze Vietnam Code: IGSU 14D/6D.3-S12 - SPARE PART
 Ultrasonic forked sensor, 12-30VDC, 1 x Push-pull Dark switching (PNP)/light
 switching (NPN) output + 1 x Warning output, M12 5pin connector, Teach button, 0 ... 60 °C, IP65, Detection of non-transparent and of transparent labels.
Balluff Vietnam BIS010P
 BIS V-6111-073-C003
 HF processor units (13.56 MHz)
Rion Vietnam Model:VM-82A
 Máy đo độ rung
S9O07 ADV-2075-KBX-4