9550522, PURA 22 Water bath for LAB, Đại lý Julabo tại Việt Nam

Origin Brand Code
100% Germany Origin Minimax Vietnam P/N.: 891319
 Fire detector FMX3511 BG
100% EU
Flir Vietnam Replacement by FLIR E96 42°
 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera NOTE: Difference: Better detector with 640 x 480 pixels instead of 464 x 348 pixels.
100% EU
Julabo Vietnam Code: 9550522
 PURA 22 Water bath for LAB
100% Switzerland
SIGRIST Vietnam Code: 116981 PhotoMeter
 OilGuard Ex M measuring instruments
 Description: Light source adjusted with seal for OilGuard Ex
 M / Lichtquelle justiert mit Siegel für OilGuard Ex M
100% Netherland Origin Praxis Automation Vietnam Code:
 Description: LOP-3 / PMS + horn/accept monitoring panel
 Note : Re-check stock before order ; Hàng đã ngưng sản xuất
100% Korea Origin PORA Vietnam Replacement by PRB-20W4
 Description: Powder Brake (Indirect Water Cooled Type W4)
100% Japan Origin Chiyoda Seiki Vietnam Code: SKR-200HS-H
 Chiyoda's gas regulator
 Regulator for H2, He
 Material: SS304
 Inlet pressure: Max 250kg/cm2
 Delivery pressure: 20-200kg/cm2
 Standard flow capacity: 1200 Nm3/h at P2=10kg/cm2
 Inlet pressure gauge: 0-35 Mpa
 Delivery pressure gauge: 0-25 Mpa
 Inlet connection: W22-14TH(RH)EXT. with 10 mmdia. NIPPLE & NUT
 Outlet connection: W22-14TH(RH)EXT. with 10 mmdia. NIPPLE & NUT
100% EU
Ravioli Vietnam Remote control series JUMP
 14 push-buttons (13 commands + start/stop)
 Incl. power supply and 2 batteries