BXT3-19, BXT3-19 Signode, Máy Đóng Đai Cầm Tay BXT3-19, Đại lý Signode tại Việt Nam

Đại lý Signode tại Việt Nam

The Signode BXT3-19 Battery Powered Strapping Tool

The BXT3-19 strapping tool is specifically designed for light duty strapping applications for use with 15/16mm or 18/19mm Signode Tenax® polyester and Signode Dylastic® polypropylene strapping. The BXT3-19 is capable of variable tensioning speeds of up to 120mm/s, which has been proven to increase production uptime.

Further benefits are:

  • E-controlled strapping process
  • Strap alignment indicator
  • Quickly access your favourite strapping function
  • Lightweight, ergonomic protective design with new battery cover to increase longevity
  • Fewer wear parts make it economical to maintain
  • Improved performance offers up 800 cycles per charge
  • Lock feature to ensure consistent results

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