ZEF-100, ZEF-100 Hans-schmidt, Đại lý Hans-schmidt tại Việt Nam

  MM70 B1A1A5A1C0A2B0
 Hand-held Moisture in oil Meter
 Indicator with Euro AC-Adapter
 Vaisala Brandlabel
 Probe type: MMP78A
 Special sensor for fluids
 Stainless Steel Filter (HM47453SP)
 Indicator accessories: MI70LINK software with USB cable (219687)
 Calibration Certificate At Room Temperature
 Installation accessories: Ball Valve Set 1/2 Inch.+Blanking Plug
 Measured variables: %RS + ppm + T
 No Connection cable
 Probe cable length: Cable 1.9m
 Weather proof (hard plastic) carrying case (MI70CASE4)
 English User´s Guide MM70
 No Special Service contract
Vega Vietnam Code: SN62.XXAGHANAX
 Description: Ultrasonic Level Probe
Delta Ohm Vietnam LPPYRA10
 Spectrally Flat Class A (secondary standard) pyranometer according to ISO 9060:2018 supplied with shade disk, cartridge with silica-gel crystals, 2 spare sachets, levelling device and Calibration Report.
Rainwise/ Nielsen Kellerman Co. Vietnam Model: PVMET 330
 Solar Monitoring Station
E+H Vietnam Code: CAS51D-AAC2B3
 Description: Memosens sensor
E+H Vietnam Code:  CAS51D-AAC2B3+IA
 Description: MSUD SENSOR
Labthink Vietnam Replace Code: C630H
 Five-point heat seal tester
 Sealing Temperature: room temperature ~ 300◦C
 Sealing pressure: 0.05MPa~0.7MPa (7psi~101psi)
 Resolution of Pressure: 0.001MPa
 Dwel Time: 0.1~999.99s
 Temperature Accuracy ±0.5◦C (single point calibration)
 Temperature Gradient ≤20◦C
 Sealing Area: 40 mm x 10 mm
 Number of sealing Jaws 5 groups of upper and lower sealing jaws with independent temperature control
 Standard Conflgurations:
 Instrument, tablet, Pedal Switch, High-temperature Welding Cloth, Sample Cutter, Ø8mm PU Tubing (2m)
 Users supply gas sources if needed
 Power: 220/60Hz
 Note: Classic 513 no longer available
AC&T Vietnam Replace Code: ETOS-100XP-E40
 Industrial Network Server
 1Port 10/100/1000Base-T(X), Ethernet 16Ch.,
 4Ports RS-232C
 Input Power: AC100~240V (50/60Hz)
 Note: ETOS-50-SX-E01 no longer available
Impulse wheel PU / Impulse wheel complete (key 294)
 Spare part for Strapping Head H3000
Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam Model: TRX25R-C/5P
 Ultrasonic Flow Meter For Compressed Air
 *RS485 type, with M4 hexagonal wrench, with external cable 5m
Eurotherm Vietnam Code: EPOWER/3PH-250A/600V/230V/XXX/XXX/XXX/OO/PN/XX/XX/XX/ POWER
 MODEL (EPOWER) Thyristor Model
 MODULE QTY AND POWER (3PH-250A) 3 Phase Unit 250 Amps
 VOLTAGE (600V) 100V to 600V
 FAN SUPPLY (230V) 230 Volts AC
 WARRANTY (XXX) Standard Warranty
 OPTION (OO) Options / Quick Start Code
 EXTERNAL FEEDBACK (XX) None - Standard Unit
 QUICK START CODE (XX) None - End of Standard Code
Eurotherm Vietnam Code: EPOWER/3PH-400A/600V/230V/XXX/XXX/XXX/OO/PN/XX/XX/X POWER
 MODEL (EPOWER) Thyristor Model
 MODULE QTY AND POWER (3PH-400A) 3 Phase Unit 400 Amps
 VOLTAGE (600V) 100V to 600V
 FAN SUPPLY (230V) 230 Volts AC
 WARRANTY (XXX) Standard Warranty
 OPTION (OO) Options / Quick Start Code
 EXTERNAL FEEDBACK (XX) None - Standard Unit
 QUICK START CODE (XX) None - End of Standard Code
Baumuller Reparaturwerk Vietnam Item no: 503316
 Inverter BM4413-ST0-01200-03-E80
 Producer no.: 00379549
Hans-schmidt Vietnam Model: ZEF-100
 Tension Meters Hand-Held Electronic
Burkert Vietnam Code: 335382
 Description: Typ 8614
 Automatisierungssystem TYP HD 8614/8647
 Pneumatic control cabinet solutions
HOYER MOTORS Vietnam Code: HMA3 132 M1-6 4 kW IE3
 Description: 1000U/min;400/690V; 50HZ; IP55; Isokl. F; B5
 1 set PTC;
 Electric Motors
Sew Vietnam SEW - Typ: KA87B AQH190/2
 Bevel-helical gear units K
 Replacement for KA87B AQH190/2 (37.7281345401.0001X16)
 This product
 - is a special design
 - has been built taking into account a special manufacturing instruction
 - has been built taking into account a special assembly instruction
 Speed [r/min]: 2000 / 125
 Total ratio [i]: 16,00 / infinite
 Input speed nepk [rpm]: 4500
 Output speed na_pk [min-1]: 281,00
 Output torque Mapk [Nm]: 2210
 Mounting position: M1AB
 Lubricant / -volume [l]: CLP HC 220 Synth.Oil / PSS / 3,70
 Paint coat: Top coat RAL7031 (blue gray)
 Gear unit: KA87B
 Hollow shaft: 60mm
 Design: Foot-mounted version and hollow shaft
 Number of oil sight glasses: 1
 Position of oil sight glass 1: B41
 Manufactg.specification no.: 019121492
 Joint bonding II - final gears
 Screw plug bore dimens. sheet: 33001__95
 Documentation no. A: 26865351
 Parts list: 382632395
 Adapter: AQH190/2
 Output oil seal material: Premium Sine Seal - FKM
 Bore on input side: 35mm (clampingring version)
Model: 646GZEM3-7011
 Pressure Sensor
Model: 6ES7414-3FM07-0AB0
Model: 6ES7314-6EH04-0AB0
Model: 6ES7315-2FJ14-0AB0
Model: 6ES7416-3FS07-0AB0
Model: 6SL3120-1TE23-0AC0
Model: 6SL3120-1TE26-0AA3
Model: 6SL3120-2TE21-0AD0
Model: 6SL3120-2TE21-8AC0
 Double Motor Module
Model: 6SL3130-1TE31-0AA0
Model: 6GK7443-1EX30-0XE1
Model : 6AV2124-0MC01-0AX0
Model: 6ES7512-1DK01-0AB0
Model: 6ES7318-3FL01-0AB0
Delta Ohm Vietnam HD52.3D
 2 Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer (Basic Version)
Gestra Vietnam Item no 3101141
 level switch NRS 1-50b DC (replaced by NSR1-7)
 for one electrode /
 voltage 24V DC
 delay of response: 3 seconds
 water level limiter
 part no.: 392643
 serial no.: __________
 CTN: 9032 89 00 COO: DE
Deublin Vietnam Art number: K127-011C200
 Service Kit
Higen Vietnam Model:  KMP-05HK1F
 Three phase induction motor
 3.7kW, 5 HP, 60 
Higen Vietnam Model:  I03HK6IV
 Three phase induction motor
 2.2kW, 3 HP, 60 Hz
Dongkun Vietnam Code: DTB-413S
 Pressure Blower
 440V, 50Hz, 2.2KW, 2P
SIGRIST Vietnam Code: 119867
 Description: Color/absorption measuring device “ColorPlus 2”
 - Color measurement in beer via an absorption measurement
 at the wavelength of 430 nm
 - with a second wavelength of 700 nm for compensation from cloudiness
 - for standard connection to Varivent® housing
 - Scaling in e.g.: EBC, NTU, E/m,
 (on request: calibration with certificate in APHAHazen, ASTM, Saybolt, additional charge)
 - high measured value stability due to two-beam measurement method
 - with borosilicate windows and EPDM seals
 (on request: quartz / sapphire window; FPM / FFPM / NBR seals)
 - incl. 1 set = 2 pieces OPL bit for setting the desired path length
 incl. SICON control unit, #118342
 - to display measured values, curves, status and alerts
 - digital interfaces: SD memory card (for logging, SW update, diagnostics)
 - logical menu navigation
 - Outputs: 4 x 0/4..20 mA
 - Supply voltage 9 .. 30 V/DC / 8 W
SIGRIST Vietnam Code: 118442
 Description: Bus coupler Profibus DP to SICON(M)