HMT370EX 82Y2LA1XE1AN, Thiết bị đo độ ẩm và nhiệt độ HMT370EX 82Y2LA1XE1AN, Đại lý Vaisala tại Việt Nam

Vaisala Vietnam Code: HMT370EX 82Y2LA1XE1AN
 HMP378 Probe for Pressurized Pipelines
 Ex Certification and Region: ATEX (Europe)
 HMP378 with 5 m cable, 400 mm probe, max +180 °C, HUMICAP® R2
 Sensor Protection: Stainless Steel Sintered Filter (AISI 316L) for general use
 Fitting Body for Probe Mounting, ISO1/2 Solid Structure (DRW212076SP)
 Transmitter without Display and Keypad
 Metric units
 Analog Outputs, CH1: Custom Scaling
 Analog Outputs, CH2: Temp -40...+180 °C (-40...+ 356 °F)
 Cable gland M20x1.5, 5…11 mm, 1 pcs
 HMT360 retrofit mounting plate
 HMT360 8D12HCK1A2BQ5A3N is obsolete