STG-200-d, STG-200-d Canneed, Canneed-STG-200-d, Thiết bị đo độ dày mí lon STG-200-d, Đại lý Canneed tại Việt Nam 

Đại lý Canneed tại Việt Nam

After the double seam structure was cut, the seam thickness that measured on the seam monitor is not accurate, therefore, seam thickness need to be measured before the double seam structure was cut.

The CanNeed “STG-200-d Seam thickness gauge (Digital)” is used to measure the Seam thickness of cans. With measure angle compensation. The center measure point can be adjusted. Cans can be auto - positioned in the center easily during measuring. With the Mitutoyo 0.01mm Resolution Digital Indicator.

Reliable design, invariablenes measuring pressure and measuring angle which enable the inexperienced operators can also perform the measurement accurately. Auto aligning the center of can body, applicable for different types of cans.

The gauges can be connected to a computer or SPC system via the adapter and cable, so that to avoid the manual recording and personal error. The gauge can also combine with Canneed Seam Monitors and import the measurement data into computer.

100% China Origin


Model: Canneed-STG-200-d
Seam thickness gauge(digital)