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ZPBD 2-23,60-KIK-L-FCB/R/MAG(20-G)/V1
Pump Unit
consisting of Gear Dosing Pump, Intermediate Flange,
Bottom Flange, Motor Hub, Bell Housing and Magnetic Coupling
Pump Details
Number of Stages : 1
Theo. Volume : 23,60 cm3/rev
Inlet Pressure max. : 0-20 bar
Work Pressure max. : 40 bar
Peak Pressure max. : 60 bar (Short operation)
Speed max.* : 1450 min-1
Suction Port : G1 1/4
Pressure Port : G1
Sense of Rotation : LEFT (ccw), in view of drive shaft
Design : External Spur Gear, bare shaft
Sealing Type : Canister of Magnetic Coupling DST75
Version : With attached Pressure Valve
Ambient Temperature : -30°C min./ +60°C max.
*Indicated maximum speed is not valid for Viscosities
above 800 mPa*s!
Housing : Spheroidal Cast Iron 1
Center Plate : Spheroidal Cast Iron 1
Gears : Nitrided Steel
Drive Shaft : Nitrided Steel
Driven Shaft : Nitrided Steel
Bearing Bushes : Ceramic
Seals : FKM
Pressure Relief Valve
Type key : DBV-E-PI/2-12/0-120/VT/S for ZPB
Operation : Direct
Spring : Pressurespring
Setting range : 0 - 120 bar
Pressure adjustment at : (see Application Data)
 Return flow : Externally
Seals : FKM
Material : Steel
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Motor Specifications
Type : 3-phase A.C. Motor
Size : 90L
Construction : B5
Magnetic Coupling : DST75/20-G
Bell Housing : Standard, with Vent
Bottom Flange : PTFS200