Cygnus Instruments Vietnam, Cygnus HEAVY DUTY, Đại lý Cygnus Instruments tại Việt Nam

Cygnus Instruments Vietnam Model: Cygnus HEAVY DUTY
 Other name: Cygnus 1- HEAVY DUTY
 Digital ultrasonic thickness gauges
 Ultrasonic pulse/echo method with single element probe.
 - Probe Diameter: about 13mm - Frequency 2.0-2.5MHz
 - Measuring Range: 3mm to 200 mm.
 - Through coating Measuring: 20mm (coating up to 20mm).
 - Stable calibration - linear accuracy - no zero adjustment.
 - Self verification of the measurement to ensure accurancy.
 - Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +35°C.
 - Accuracy: 0.1mm or 0.05mm
 - Material Velocity Range: from 2000m/s to 7000m/s.
 - Units: mm
 - Display type: Larger clear LED.
 - Power requirements: rechargeable batteries (AA alkaline or NiMH/ NiCD).
 - Small, comfortable and convenient package.
 - Weight should be below 900 grams with batteries and probe.
 - Compliance: CE, BS EN 15317.
 - Rugged, durable, shock-proof construction.
 - Sealing: Dust proof/ dripping water proof, specifications at least IP54 classification.
 Each set includes: Main unit (qty. 01pcs), standard probe S2C Probe 2.25MHz 13 mm (1/2") with cable (qty. 01pcs), battery pack (qty. 01pcs), spare 'O"-rings (qty. 01pcs),Teflon embranes for 13mm probe, code 0014874(Qty 100pcs), steel test block (qty.01pcs), calibration trim tool (qty.01pcs), operation manual and carry case (qty. 01pcs).
 -Calibration Certificate issued by Manufacturer
PINTSCH BUBENZER Vietnam 8-000798300214E
 GRP.SFB 25-H/ KFB 40
 Spare part suitable for:
 - SFB 25-H
 - SFB 25/XX-SH
 - KFB 40
Kübler/ Kuebler Vietnam Code: 8. H100 .1112.1024
 Description: Encoder
Exergen/ Clever IR
Model: D501-LN
 P/N: 103600
SEW Vietnam Code: RF27 CMP50S/PK/RH1M/SM1
 Description: Helical gearmotor
MOXA Vietnam Model: EDS-G512E-4GSFP-T
 Managed full Gigabit Ethernet switch with 8 10/100/1000BaseT(X) ports, and 4 100/1000Base SFP slots, -40°C to 75°C operating temperature
SEW Vietnam Code:  FA87/G CMP112L/BY/KY/VR/RH1M/KK
 Description: Parallel shaft helical gearmotor
SEW Vietnam Code:  FH37B CMP63L/KY/RH1M/SM1
 Description: Parallel shaft helical GM
SEW Vietnam Code:  KA37/T CMP63M/KY/RH1M/SM1
 Description: Helical-bevel gearmotor
Delta Ohm Vietnam HD2010UC/A.Kit1
 HD2010UC/A Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter and Analyzer
 -HD2010UC/A sound level meter class 1 and octave band analyzer.
 -UC52/1 pre polarized condenser microphone ½”
 -HDSAV windscreen
 -HD2010PNE2 preamplifier (HD2010PNE2W with opt. HD2010.OE)
 -HD2110USB cable (alternatively, on request, HD2110RS serial cable for
 RS232 connection)
 -Carrying case
 -Rechargeable batteries + SWD10 stabilized mains power supply
 -IEC 61672 and IEC 61260 manufacturer conformity declaration
MTS Sensor/Temposonics Vietnam Code:  RH5MA6250M01D601A100
 Temposonics® R-Series V Rod
 Note: Recheck delivery time before order
 RHM6250MD601A01 is obsoleted