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These versatile valves are designed for a wide range of gravity flow applications. All share the same one-piece cast housings and heavy duty components that ensure reliable low maintenance operation for many years. Slides are sealed internally by a replaceable polyurethane or steel wiper ring. The end of the slide plate is sealed with an adjustable packing gland. Between the two seals is a wiper blade that ensures long seal life. Both the inlet and outlet flanges are drilled and tapped with identical patterns to simplify installation. A range of actuators is available to accommodate most applications.



SB-Twin Piston

  • Sizes 6" through 16"
  • A very compact design


SB-Pneumatic Single Piston (not shown)

  • Sizes 6" through 12"




  • Sizes 6" through 12"
  • The best valve for manually regulating flow


SB-Electric (not shown, similar to SB-S, but motorized)

  • Sizes 6" through 12"
  • Ideal when air is not available



SB-Crank (handwheel or chain)

  • Sizes 6" through 16"
  • A very fast action manual valve, only 2 to 2.5 turn to close




  • Sizes 6" through 16"
  • A smooth operating manual valve