Lambda Transmitter LT2 LS2, Lambda Transmitter LT2 LS2 Lamtec, Đại lý Lamtec tại Việt Nam

Đại lý Lamtec tại Việt Nam

Universal O2 measuring

Semi- and fully automatic calibration

Applicable up to 450 °C

Detection of CO/H(COequivalent)

Ocontrol integrated

Also available in Ex-version

Measuring accuracy
(with Lambda Probe LS2)

+/- 10% of measured value
Max. +/-0,3% by vol. O2

Settling time (90% time) T90 < 15s
Ambient temperature
- Operation
- Transport and storage



Power supply 230 V AC und 115 V AC
+10% / -15%, 48 Hz...62Hz
Power consumption Typically 50 VA, short-term 150 VA (probe heating-up phase)
Time for operational status
to be achieved with
Approx. 10 minutes after "POWER ON"