XW-00-01250-0410-6-4-CC-H-05-08-2~MSH02, Đại lý Bifold/ Rotork tại Việt Nam

Allen Bradley
Model: 2711P-RDT10C
 Panel view plus 1000
Allen Bradley
Model: 1715-IB16D
 Digital input module
Allen Bradley
Model: 1715-OB8DE
 Digital output module
Allen Bradley
Model: 1715-IF16
 Analog input module
Allen Bradley
Model: 1715-OF8I
 Analog output module
Allen Bradley
Model: 1715-AENTR
AZBIL Vietnam Model: VY5135J0081
 Motorized two-way valve
Bifold/ Rotork Vietnam SMWS-00-00104-0560-6-4-CC-H-08-06-0
Bifold/ Rotork Vietnam XW-00-01250-0410-6-4-CC-H-05-08-2~MSH02
Bitzer Vietnam LH265E/4GE-23Y-40P
 Bitzer Condensing Unit
 NOTE: Substitute, 100% compatible.
Cosa Xentaur Vietnam Part No: 301-02-000078
 Sensor Element XTR100 (Range -100°C to 20°C dp) Encapsulated in 100 sintered stainless steel
E+H Vietnam Code: FTI55-N1C2RGJ43B1A Level Sensor
 Description: L1 = 2320 mm, L3=300 mm
 Universal Capacitive Limit Switch Sensing
GAI-Tronics Vietnam Model 025-02-0030-001
 D600i Elemec amplifier 2 x 300Watt/100V. Power 230VAC
MEHRER Vietnam Code: 42777
 Description: COMPRESSOR TYPE TZW 60
 (Replacement TZW60 S/N 1400 YoM 2008 AB 83595)
 Gas type/Gas mixture: CO2
 Gas condition: water saturated
 Power requirement at shaft: ~ 32 kW
 Motor power / speed: not in scope of supply
MEHRER Vietnam Code: 00071040-1
 Description: Cylinder liner
 d 220
 replacement for arcitle no. 0071040
MEHRER Vietnam Code: 00071041-1
 Description: Cylinder liner
 d 110
MTS Sensor Vietnam Code: RD4MD2S0350MD53P102
 Temposonics® R-Series
 Note: recheck delivery time before order
Item: 274793
 Hose, Blue Series, 5/16 X 8 FT,240V, Auto
Model : D1FBE02HC0NG0016
 Directional Control Valve
Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam Model: VDM100-150-P/G2
 Distance sensor
RLE technologies Vietnam BMS-1WIRE
 Plug-and-Play Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
 Monitoring appliance for Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP integration applications; 8 DI; hardwired 24VDC or optional PSWA-DC-24-ST
Siemens Vietnam Article Number: 6ES7315-2EH14-0AB0
 SIMATIC S7-300 CPU 315-2 PN/DP, Central processing unit with 384 KB work memory, 1st interface MPI/DP 12 Mbit/s, 2nd interface Ethernet PROFINET, with 2-port switch, Micro Memory Card required
Vaisala Vietnam Code: DPT146 A1DCG110A0A
 Dewpoint Transmitter
 Mechanical con': Glass Feed Through G1/2
 Measurement parameters: Td/f, p, ppm, Td/f atm
 Analog output Ch1 & Ch2 + RS-485 as standard: 4...20mA
 Ch1: Td Range for Analog Out Td-60...+40C cal std
 Ch2: 0... 12 bar
 Metric Units
 Cable for analog outputs and power supply (Port I): 0.3 m (1.0 ft) shielded M8 threaded connector
 No Cable for RS485 line & power supply (Port II)
 No Installation accessories (ONLY for ISO1/2" thread)
 Reserved: No Special
 No User' s guide
Model : 534C1552H01
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