LS-250-30-024-H-10H-L, LS-250-30-024-H-10H-L Logika, Máy quét vòng LS-250-30-024-H-10H-L, Đại lý Logika tại Việt Nam

The Logika Technologies non-contact Loop Scanner (LS-250) is designed to detect the loop position of hot steel and other metal products at temperatures as low as 250°C (480°F). It is particularly well designed for horizontal or vertical loop control of wire rod and bar during processing. The LS-250 includes a rugged IP66 enclosure protecting state-of-the-art electronics while withstanding the harsh conditions of steel mills and other primary metallurgy plants. Advanced detection technology allows the sensor to be installed farther from the hot metal target, protecting the electronics, and extending the life of the sensor without affecting accuracy.