FuehlerSysteme Vietnam, FS4309-U-A31-DR, Đầu dò Oxy FS4309-U-A31-DR, Đại lý FuehlerSysteme Vietnam


Measurement range O2 0…25% vol. optional 0…100% vol
Accuracy O2 ± 0,2% vol. + max. ±0,5% FS (@ 20°C, 45% r.H., 1013 mbar)
Temperature dependency ±1% FS / 10 K
Response time (t90) < 1 s
Long term stability ±0,2% FS/year by auto-calibration ON
Sensor Electrochemical sensor
Supply voltage 24 V DC (±5%)
Analogue output 0-10 V 3-wire connection
Alarm output 1 x potential-free change-over contact, 48 V, 1 A
Switching Hysteresis Relay 2% of the selected scaling (without display), 0,5...5% of the selected scaling adjustable (with display)
Electrical connection screw/plug terminals max. 1,5 mm²
Housing Polycarbonate PC UL 94 V0 with hinge locks, color signal white similar to RAL 9003
Cable gland PG11 high-strength cable gland with strain relief
Display optional LCD display with backlight on/off/auto
Dimensions Housing: L 89 x W 80 x H 47 mm
Protection type IP65 (housing/electronic), IP20 (sensor)
Protection class III
Working range r.H. 0...98% r.H. in contaminant-free, non-condensing air
Working temperature 0...+50°C
Storage temperature -20...+50°C
Installation screw fastening
Approvals CE, EAC, RoHS