393B31, 393B31 PCB Piezotronics, Đại lý PCB Piezotronics tại Việt Nam

Model: 330500-01-CN
 Velomitor Piezo-velocity Sensor
Model: 330180-51-CN
 Proximity Sensor
 System 8 sensor BLUETOOTH
 New model with Bluetooth booster that also works on smart device beside laptop.
 System 8 sensor USB
Model: TSH-5000-A2
 Tension Meters Stationary - Electronic
Model:  KMI-05HK1-EN
 Induction Motor 3.7kW, 4P, 5HP
 Note: for exporting to overseas markets, Its replacement model name is KMI-05HK1-EN
Code: 356A15
Code: 393B31
 Seismic, high sensitivity, ceramic flexural ICP® accel., 10 V/g, 0.1 to 200 Hz, 2-pin top conn.