Bộ mã hóa TRT58/S3 SIL2/PLd, TRT 58 KP A 65536 D S3 TT 01, Đại lý TWK-ELEKTRONIK tại Việt Nam

Đại lý TWK-ELEKTRONIK tại Việt Nam

Recording of the angular position and revolutions by means of Hall sensors. Data output plus parameterisation and diagnosis via PROFINET. Robust housing manufactured from seawater-resistant aluminium or stainless steel - stainless steel shaft - ball bearing with radial shaft seal-sensor circuit consisting of ASIC with Hall elements - electrical connection via M12 connector or cable outlet. The Profinet interface according to IEC 61158 / 61784 or PNO specifications order No. 2.712 and 2.722, version 2.2, is integrated into the model series TRT absolute encoders. Real time classes 1 and 3 are supported, i.e. Real Time (RT) and Isochronous Real Time (IRT) plus the requirements of conformance class C. To achieve the SIL2 level, the TRT/S3 contains addtitional internal monitoring mechanisms as well as safe communication via PROFIsafe. The PROFIsafe protocol is implemented according to the PROFIisafe Profile for Safety Technologie version 2.4 (PNO Order No. 3.192)

Product category: Rotary encoders
Inkremental or absolute: Absolute
Single- or Multiturn: Singleturn
Design: 58 mm
Flange and shaft: Clamped flange, shaft 10 mm with disk spring, Clamped flange, shaft 10 mm with flattened area, Clamped flange, shaft for measurement gear ZRS, Clamping flange, shaft 10 mm with feather key, Synchroniser flange, clamped shaft, inner diameter 12 mm with groove for feather key, Synchroniser flange, shaft 6 mm with flattened area
Housing material: Aluminium, Burnished steel for shielding strong magnetic fields, Stainless steel 1.4305, Stainless steel 1.4404, Stainless steel 1.4521 for shielding strong magnetic fields
Resolution: 4096 steps/360°, 8192 steps/360°<), 65536 steps/360°<)
Code type: Binary code, position value as double word (e.g. for Simatic TIA portal with safety advance), Binary code, position value subdivided amongst two words, Binary code, position value subdivided amongst two words, 1st word multiturn data, 2nd word single-turn data, resolution not adjustable
Profile: PROFIsafe, SIL2
Electrical connection: 3 axial connector, Cable outlet radial, Connector outlet radial, Standard, 3 connectors, radial
Interface: PROFIsafe over PROFINET
Electrical and/or mechanical variant: Standard
Certification: EX protection (Atex), SIL2/PLd
Special feature: EX-protection, Speed monitoring