656R2000, 656R2000 Lamtec, Đại lý Lamtec tại Việt Nam

Đại lý Lamtec tại Việt Nam

Range of measuring O2: 0...18%Vol. O2 - with limitations 0...21 Vol.% O2
COe: 0...1.000 ppm COe, 0...10.000 ppm COe on request
Preciseness of measuring: O2: +-5% of measuring value – not better than +- 0,3 Vol.%
COe: +-25% of measuring value – not better than +- 10 ppm
after prior alignment of application conditions with a CO reference measuring in a range of measuring 0...100 ppm: <= 10 ppm
Response time t60:
(60% of final value)
O2 <= 10 seconds
COe <= 2 seconds
Failure impact: Change of temperature of measuring gas in dependency of preciseness of temperature control of ZrO2 measuring cell
Cross-sensitivity: Against SO2, NH3, NO, Propan, other arenes
Allowed fuels Residue-free, gaseous hydrocarbons, light fuel oil and brown coal / black coal
constant exhaust gas temperature
<=  300°C (Article-No. 656R2000)
<=  450°C (Article-No. 656R2010 / 656R2012)
Operating temperature
(KS1-D sensor)
Probe housing <= 400°C (measured at hexagonal)

Cable bushing <= 200°C

Connecting cable <= 150°C
Durability >= 3 years at oil and domestic gas
Probe output voltage
800...-30mV (O2-electrode) <-> 0...21 Vol. % O2

-30...800mV (CO/H2-electrode) <-> 0...10.000ppm COe
Probe internal resistance RI
in air at 20 °C and 20  W Heat output (new probe) 
15...30 Ohm O2 - electrode 1
15...30 Ohm CO/H2 - electrode 2
Heat output at ambient temperature 18...25 W - depending on type
Isolation resistance between heating and probe connector > 30 MΩ
Power supply At connector (D/C- A/C voltage)

at PH 18 VA  → 11,4 V
at PH 20 VA  → 12,34 V
at PH 25 VA  → 14,8 V
Heat output for
TGas = 350 °C
Appr. 18 W
Heat current at
PH 20 VA
Appr. 1,6 A
Appr. 5A shortly at heating-up
Dimensions of probe
KS1D sensor
KS1D with housing


Length 115  mm; thread M18 x 1,5 mm
Length 185 mm; R 1 1/4“, D=31,75 mm