2DSUo 94-6, Mô tơ 3 pha 2DSUo 94-6, Đại lý chính hãng AEM-Anhaltische Elektromotorenwerk Dessau Vietnam

AEM-Anhaltische Elektromotorenwerk Dessau Vietnam

Type: 2DSUo 94-6
Three-phase asynchronous motor (spare motor for s/n 1007 00171)
for operation with rotor starter, cooling class IC 511
Starting/Duty: Stater
Degree of Protection: IP 55
Weight (appr.): 6610 kg
Anti-cond. heater: 750W 230V
Cooling: IC 511 (TEPV)
Forced ventilation: no
Coolant: air
oolant temp.: 40°C
Terminal box: on-top
Aux. terminal box: 1 piece
Cable connection: from left-hand (looking at DE-side)
Sound pressure LpA: 88 dB(A)
(as motor, in no-load, Test bay, 1m)
Design:Industrial drive slip ring rotor
Construction: IM B3 (IM 1001)
Drawing: US71B3-533 (not binding)
Winding-protect.: 3 double Pt100 (4 wire)
Bearing-protect.: 1 double Pt100 / bearing (4 wire)
Painting: RAL 7030 worldwide C3
Ambient. temp.: -20°C ... +40°C
Max. altitude: 1.000m (üNN)
Rules: DIN EN 60034
Testing: non-witnessed factory test
Documentation: English
Rated power: 800 kW
Rated voltage: 6000 V
Connection: Star
Duty-cycle: S1-100%
Rated current: 91,8 A
Torque: 7717 Nm
Rel. breakd.torq.: 2,3
Rated frequency: 50,0 Hz
Rated efficiency: 94,2 %
Rated power factor: 0,89
Rated speed: 991 rpm
Direct. of rotat.: ccw looking at DE-side
Insulation class: F
Temperature rise: B
Rotor-voltage: 940 V
Rotor-current: 515 A
Powered by: flexible coupled
Bearings: antifriction bearings (FAG/SKF)
Regreasing: manual re-greasing
Bearing insulation: without
Overspeed: 1200 rpm (2min test)
Moment of inertia rotor J appr.: 118,0 kgm² Rated speed: 991 rpm