Combination Probe KS1D, Combination Probe KS1D Lamtec, Đại lý Lamtec tại Việt Nam

Đại lý Lamtec tại Việt Nam

Simultaneous measurement of the concentration of O2
and oxidising gas constituents (CO/H2)
Heated, electro-chemical measuring cell, made of zirconium dioxide ceramic (ZrO2)

Use of proven measuring principles

Simultaneous measuring of oxygen O2 and detection of oxidisable (combustible) parts of flue gas 

Display as COequivalent (COe)

Cost-efficient measuring for monitoring and optimisation of oil- and gas combustions 

Range of measuring O2: 0...18%Vol. O2 - with limitations 0...21 Vol.% O2
COe: 0...1.000 ppm COe, 0...10.000 ppm COe on request
Preciseness of measuring: O2: +-5% of measuring value – not better than +- 0,3 Vol.%
COe: +-25% of measuring value – not better than +- 10 ppm
after prior alignment of application conditions with a CO reference measuring in a range of measuring 0...100 ppm: <= 10 ppm
Response time t60:
(60% of final value)
O2 <= 10 seconds
COe <= 2 seconds
Failure impact: Change of temperature of measuring gas in dependency of preciseness of temperature control of ZrO2 measuring cell
Cross-sensitivity: Against SO2, NH3, NO, Propan, other arenes
Allowed fuels Residue-free, gaseous hydrocarbons, light fuel oil and brown coal / black coal
constant exhaust gas temperature
<=  300°C (Article-No. 656R2000)
<=  450°C (Article-No. 656R2010 / 656R2012)
Operating temperature
(KS1-D sensor)
Probe housing <= 400°C (measured at hexagonal)

Cable bushing <= 200°C

Connecting cable <= 150°C
Durability >= 3 years at oil and domestic gas
Probe output voltage
800...-30mV (O2-electrode) <-> 0...21 Vol. % O2

-30...800mV (CO/H2-electrode) <-> 0...10.000ppm COe
Probe internal resistance RI
in air at 20 °C and 20  W Heat output (new probe) 
15...30 Ohm O2 - electrode 1
15...30 Ohm CO/H2 - electrode 2
Heat output at ambient temperature 18...25 W - depending on type
Isolation resistance between heating and probe connector > 30 MΩ
Power supply At connector (D/C- A/C voltage)

at PH 18 VA  → 11,4 V
at PH 20 VA  → 12,34 V
at PH 25 VA  → 14,8 V
Heat output for
TGas = 350 °C
Appr. 18 W
Heat current at
PH 20 VA
Appr. 1,6 A
Appr. 5A shortly at heating-up
Dimensions of probe
KS1D sensor
KS1D with housing


Length 115  mm; thread M18 x 1,5 mm
Length 185 mm; R 1 1/4“, D=31,75 mm