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The cable processing machines of the »Metzner AM 3000 series« are distinguished by their outstanding cutting and pull-off power and robust, long-life design for continuous industrial use.

Developed and equipped with a performance potential to deal with complete processing of cables and wires up to 70mm², these machines offer comprehensive processing possibilities: from standard stripping processes up to multi-stage stripping, even of very short shielded coaxial cables. Metzner offers seven base models for this, all with different cutting powers and equipment levels. In addition, their blade technologies vary with different blade contours to suit the requirements of different applications. The patented »Double-blade cutting system«, for example, with two knives operating together in one process step to perform different cutting processes and the additional rotary cut, providing precise circumferential cutting for wires with very thin or tough insulation and for coaxial cables.

All models in the »Metzner AM 3000 series« are prepared – as standard – for a full set of interfaces for peripheral equipment and to facilitate IT
integration. In this way, these cut and strip machines are converted easily and without the need for further design work into complete production lines to further increase production automation.