Euchner Vietnam, MGB2-IHB-PN-U-S3-KA-R-163580, Công tắc an toàn MGB2-IHB-PN-U-S3-KA-R-163580, Đại lý Euchner tại Việt Nam

Euchner Vietnam

MGB2-IHB-PN-U-S3-KA-R-163580 (ORDER NO. 163580)

Complete set MGB2-I...-PN (2 pushbuttons, emergency stop, interlocking without guard locking, door hinge on right)
  • Interlocking (without guard locking)
  • Illuminated emergency stop according to ISO 13850
  • 2 illuminated white pushbuttons with symbol
  • Version with blanking cover
  • Connection via plug connector RJ45, AIDA compliant
  • Integrated switch
  • Adjustable door hinge; factory setting: right
  • Unicode