Euchner Vietnam, MGBS-P-L1H-AR-U-L-SH-161564, Công tắc an toàn MGBS-P-L1H-AR-U-L-SH-161564, Đại lý Euchner tại  Việt Nam

MGBS-P-L1H-AR-U-L-SH-161564 (ORDER NO. 161564)

MGBS set AR, M23, emergency stop, 2 pushbuttons, door hinge on left
  • Locking module with handle module
  • suitable for doors hinged on the left
  • Series connection possible (up to 20 AR devices in series)
  • Short circuit monitoring
  • 2 safety outputs (semiconductor outputs)
  • Up to category 4 / PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Emergency stop
  • 2 pushbuttons (illuminated)
  • With plug connector M23
  • Unicode
  • Door monitoring output