Euchner Vietnam, MGBS-P-L2H-AR-U-L-SH-160523, MGBS-P-L2H-AR-U-L-SH-160523, Đại lý Euchner tại Việt Nam

Unicode evaluation

Each handle module is highly coded (unicode) The locking module detects only handle modules that have been taught-in. Additional handle modules can be taught-in. Only the last handle module taught-in is detected.

Guard locking type


Guard locking actuated by power-ON applied and spring released (open-circuit current principle).

Color cover set

The color of the pushbutton can be selected using the color cover set included (5 colors).

Connector assignment

Plug connector (view of connection side) Pin Designation Function Conductor coloring of connecting cable



1 IMP Operating voltage of guard locking solenoid, 24 V DC VT
2 FI1A Enable input, channel 1 RD
3 FI1B Enable input, channel 2 GY
4 FO1A Safety output, channel 1 RD/BU
5 FO1B Safety output, channel 2 GN
6 UB Operating voltage of AR electronics, controls and indicators 24 V DC BU
7 RST Reset input GY/PK
8 OD Door monitoring output GN/WH
9 OI Diagnostic output YE/WH
10 S1.A1 EMERGENCY STOP (channel A) GY/WH
11 S1.A2 EMERGENCY STOP (channel A) BK
12 FE Function earth (must be connected to meet the EMC requirements) GN/YE
13 S1.B1 EMERGENCY STOP (channel B) PK
14 S1.B2 EMERGENCY STOP (channel B) BN/GY
15 S2 Pushbutton 2 (illuminated) BN/YE
16 H2 LED 2 BN/GN
17 S3 Pushbutton 3 (illuminated) WH
18 H3 LED 3 YE
19 0 V Operating voltage of AR electronics, controls and indicators 0 V/guard locking solenoid 0 V BN